4 definitions by slyver

A sexual term meaning to have violent dangerous and quick sex with someone,usually out of the blue.Not to be confused with rape,but its pretty close;although willing.
"Help their robbing the bank!"
"Ill rob the bank..."
by slyver September 26, 2009
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An order that came after 65 and before 67.This order said to kill off all Jedi of any and all ranks.The fucked up thing is that these guys are supposed to be so smart,but got their asses played for 3 straight movies,not to mention they didnt see any of this shit coming.The enemy was a bunch of half-retarded droids.How the fuck would they organize an army?!
2.What is yelled when nerds at a burger joint notice that the order ticket for a customer has the number 66 on it,in a nerdy reference to star wars.
1.I'm such a dumbfuck!That asshole executed Order 66!
by slyver June 12, 2010
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A person that is very obviously mentally ill and frequently does stupid idiotic things as a result of insanity,usually used in reference to an ex-lover.
Also can mean anyone who looks psychotic.
Dude,I broke up with Lindsey yesterday.Then she mailed me some anthrax.That bitch is a total Batman Villain
by slyver June 11, 2010
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(n) A very bitchy PMSing woman's vagina.
"That bitch just wont let me get a look at the Wasp Nest"
by slyver September 15, 2009
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