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A group of people who's faces are flat from getting doors slammed in their faces.
Jehovah's Witness: Ouch, my face feels like Kansas.
by slatte November 09, 2006
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The best fitting name for a Gamecube. Nicknamed by PS2 and Xbox followers, it compiles all of the Gamecube's capabilities into a neat nickname. It gained it's nickname because Nintendo markets its products to lots of kids or people who can' go the extra mile for a game system.
The lamecube is inferior to the PS2 and Xbox in: grahpics, controller sceme, lacks a DVD player, not backwards compatable, has no online. Most game developers have realized Nintendo's patters and are switching over to superior consoles, and thus giving the Lamecube a lack of many respectful games. If anybody takes an unbiased look at the three 2nd generation consoles, then the 3rd gen and so on, Nintendo is always far behind, but sells their products very cheaply, so unfortunately there will be no end to the poor hardware industry.
The lamecube got it's ass whooped in the 2nd generation show-down.
by slatte December 13, 2006
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The absolute best guitar. Raspy, crunchy, bluesy, unmatched in it's ability to rock.
Clapton, Tony, Hendrix, and best of all, Angus use(d) the Gibson SG.
by slatte November 05, 2007
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Probably the most weirdass way to spend your youth.
At age 45, Tim realized he looked like a total moron with his satanic tattoos and excess supply of black makeup. Why did he become a goth? The world may never know
by slatte August 31, 2008
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An item that is so insanely easy that even people who's IQ's are surpassed by those of rocks can still understand how to use it.
If something is idiot proof; to make it it impossible to mess up or misuse.
Dude, did you hear they made an idiot proof knife?
Yeah, but it turns somebody made a better idiot, so there were a few injuries. . .
by slatte December 07, 2006
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Stands for Java Gaming Experts. They're known for creating the game Runescape, an mmorpg. Some despise them, while others love them. Despite their growing number of fans, the only people to spread the word about them are people who have quit the game, giving it a bad reputation. The reason no good things are said about the company is becase everyone who likes them is to addicted to their games.
If Jagex advertised on Cartoon Network, they would control the next generation.
by slatte October 02, 2006
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A sad parody of Pokemon, although neither of them are good. In futile attempts to capture the minds of little kids, it's corrupt otherwise successful little munchkins, although the subject matter alone will make the person with an iq greater than that of a rock laugh. A bunch of violent chiapets that temporarily evolve into barry bonds and "My little Pony" at the same time when pissed. those who watch it need to get a life, lest ur under the age of 9 (give kids a break, come on. Obviously Chris Rock, etc. are better shows, but they're just little smurf pplz, nothing else to watch). Anywho, it is a show that should be avoided at all costs. Equivilent to day-time television soap operas.
Digimon should be avoided as if it were the ebola virus
by slatte October 28, 2006
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