6 definitions by slasi

a heart healthy snack that has many minerals that are needed for survival. Sand is fucking delicious.
bill: have you eaten sand today?
joe: wtf bill
by slasi October 27, 2020
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onshape is a site for 3D modelling. It is fucking shit though. also, the "Onshape Feature List"
ted: hey, did you make the thing in onshape
bill: fuck onshape, imma go play minecraft
by slasi October 23, 2020
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the study of ostery, an ancient art lost to time
Tim: what do you wanna be when you grow up
Ben: i want to get into osteology and study ostery!
Tim: wtf is an ostery
by slasi April 15, 2022
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jschlatt: get in the cuck shed
carson: no
jschlatt: *pushes carson in*
by slasi October 28, 2020
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ya like dick and balls? maybe cock too?
Callmecarson: ya like dick and balls?
Ninja Tyler Blevins: nah, only balls
jschlatt: *is proud*
by slasi October 27, 2020
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short version of "you know what they say"
(This phrase however is said with nothing after it)
Ted:"y'know what they say"
Bonkle: "what do they say?"
Ted: "uhhh" *scratches his temple*
Bobkle: "wtf why did you scratch me?"
Ted: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by slasi April 5, 2021
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