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(n) stems from "periphrial vision"

short term only to be used after you've noticed something ridiculous in your periphs
person: Wow, I just saw her pick her nose in my periphs!
by slanglastsforever March 16, 2009
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(n) pronounced like a shortened version of vomit session

means a short, temporary period of time in which someone vomits repeatedly, then is fine afterwards
person1: I heard Mary threw up during lunch today. Is she okay?
person2: Oh, yeah, she's fine. It was just a vom sesh.
by slanglastsforever March 16, 2009
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derived from pittsburghese slang word bars. when someone pwns or burns another's face, someone shouts " facebars!"

however, many people don't like the slang bars therefore ironically mock its use by using bars-bars, or megabars
person1: Your face is ugly
person2: oooh, bars!
person3: dude, youre still using bars???
person4: oooh, bars-bars! That's megabars!
by slanglastsforever March 15, 2009
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