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The place Homer goes to drink with his friends Lenny, Carl, Barney, and the bar flies.
Homer goes to Moes and buys a duff. OH YEAH!!!
by sir loin April 28, 2005

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the hand signals given at rock shows.
ex.extending your pinky and pointer finger while tucking in your thumb as well as other fingers.
lets put up our rock hands for punk rock 101.
by sir loin July 25, 2005

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a saying meaning to "stop cussing or a teacher is around".
Kid 1: I dont give a shit!
Kid 2: yeah, but...Oh crap! its the principle pope it up.
by Sir loin April 21, 2005

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1)A legendary school teacher whose praises are echoed throughout the halls of all government funded DODDES schools stationed on american bases in Germany.
2)A term used to describe the best math/acadimic teacher in your school.
Dude my algebra teacher tought us calculus formulas today, he's a regular coach rob.
by Sir Loin April 04, 2005

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punk/skinhead slang:meaning bleeched jeans. mainly made my those in the "diy" class whom make their own non-conformist clothing in order as to not support punk profitiering corporations such as "Hot Topic".
skin-"gotta love these bleechers"
punk poseur-"nah, my sixty dollar bondage pants are better"
by sir loin July 30, 2005

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originally a misenterpredation of the lines from the "p.i.m.p" song. It has come to mean a wigger or white person who thinks they are from the hood.
Look at that wigger he's a pimg if I every saw one.
by sir loin April 30, 2005

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An uncommon gang weapon comprised of a baseball bat with a machette taped to the hitting end so that hitting someone with it will cut them as well.
That bloods got a bachette! Ah!!!!!!! wip out your nines!
by sir loin April 30, 2005

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