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the hell that a woman has to go through once a month, when she bleeds like a stuck pig through her vagina. It's really gross and prevents some people from having sex during their week. Not only that, but she gets fat (bloated), has tummy aches (cramps), and is tired all at the same time. It also makes her moody. So everytime a woman gets mad at a man, his response is always, "Oh, so you're on your period AGAIN?!?!" It's awful. We go through all that just so we can have kids. Ugh.
"baby, lets have sex."-man
"not tonight. I'm om my period."-woman
by sillybillybob June 07, 2009
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a fight or some kind of argument between more than just two people. This specific kind of fight is usually just verbal because when it's physical, it becomes a bruhehe. So typically, bruhaha's are just between girls, but not always.
jan, marsha, and cinda were in a vicious bruhaha.
by sillybillybob June 07, 2009
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is a very funny word but don't let it fool you. It's actually a physical, fist-on-face fight, that usually has a bloody outcome.

*not to be confused with bruhaha.
"did you just see jon get his ass kicked?"-boy1
"yeah, that was an awesome bruhehe."-boy2
by sillybillybob June 07, 2009
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(adj.) another way to call someone stupid because hoes are often quite ditsy. But should only be used this way when you're joking around with you're friends because it's an insult and some people will think that you're calling them a whore when you don't mean it that way.

(some people also use skankbag. It's the same thing)
"You're such a hoebag."
by sillybillybob June 06, 2009
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