17 definitions by shovel breaker

When you wake up in the morning drenched cum but don’t remember anything
Ya I woke up today with a morning maple
by shovel breaker May 27, 2019
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A sex toy that literally rips your ass hole apart

"That toy ripped my ass hole like the Death Star hitting Alderaan" said the dirty girl
That anal Death Star destroyed my booty hole with one blast oh it hurt but was so satisfying
by shovel breaker October 26, 2017
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A dangerous creature that forms a shemale state and switch’s between male and female and can that sometimes be impossible to detect at all possibility the human trap must be avoid once you are caught the web it will be to sticky to get out.

Last one that was spotted was a the human trap in the form of a male it called its self Gavin it lives in Vancouver and is trying to be a welder help shemalewitch hunters your are only hope.
by shovel breaker May 27, 2019
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A slug trail is when a guy a rubs his cumy penis on something resembling a slug trail look alike
" I want you to put a slug trail on my upper lip" said the dark black man
by shovel breaker October 26, 2017
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When out of nowhere when having sex you get betrayed and 5 people hold you down and fuck you till you pass out
One day I I was trying to have a little bit of fun then order 69 was put in order and I got blasted
by shovel breaker October 26, 2017
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A nosey person that stalks people always seen staring at people or always getting in other people business typically a nosey neighbour.
Are neighbour Jim is always so nosey he is such a “shit log stalker
by shovel breaker January 15, 2022
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When out of nowhere someone or your self hits you so hard in the pussy that you cum everywhere

-happens a lot to Young girls when fingering or fisting there selfs to hard in there tiny tight pussy's
"I did not see that pussy blast now I got cum everywhere and the cum has leaked in to my ass"
by shovel breaker January 24, 2017
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