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I was in the middle of cuffing the suspect when the phone rang
by shineon January 31, 2008
A person who watches their nickle and dimes. Want spend allot of money on something when they know the same item cost less some where else. Don't buy unnecessary things they don't need just because it is a good price. NOW, go look up "Cheap Ass".
by shineon August 17, 2013
A sexual act involving a toilet brush, rubber gloves and various people, it requires athletic flexibility, and extreme stamina
I got stuck in a mongolian clusterfuck last night, bog brush tickled my ribs
by shineon January 30, 2008
One who helps him/her self to anything that someone else paid for and hides everything he/she bought.

Example; Invited to a dinner, eats more than their share and don't mind going back and taking the last serving or ask if they can take the rest home with them.

Staying with someone for a few days or weeks. Use the Hosts toiletries when they have their own.

Comes up with a cock-mania story about their vehicle and ask to use yours. Burns out the gas and does NOT replace it.

When you finally see you are being taken advantage of, you stop making things available for them. Then they start calling you a "tight ass".
Cheap ass ass tight
by shineon August 17, 2013