72 definition by shadow

After the mix ups of white hats, black hats, skript kiddies and generaly hackers. People arose with knowledge about programming, hacking, phreaking and anything to do with the cyber realm. They were doubed CyberCognizant which derives from the words cyber and cognizant. Cybercognizant refers to a person who knows all things cyber.
Dude last night i was hacking into the federal reserve and a cybercog(cybercognizant) cut me off and gave me a warning!
by Shadow July 28, 2004

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Ability and talents reflectng ones own SKILL. (if in fighting games one with skill is not CHEAP)
He's got skill Soul Calibur 2
by ShAdOw November 12, 2003

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Pure mingin bastard not one you would want to socialise with.
The scanker spat in my face when I sacked him.
by Shadow October 12, 2004

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A LANParty based out of Shelbyville, KY run by Shadow. Known for friendly atmosphere.
You guys going to ShelbyLAN this weekend?
by Shadow April 04, 2004

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the newest group of pq
rap group
by shadow November 17, 2003

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a woman's Pubic Hair that grows natural, but is much larger than the ordinary patch. Basically, it looks like a patch bomb went off on her crotch.
That chick had a patch bomb
by shadow October 08, 2003

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What Edina and Patsy call Saffy's asian friend.
"So, you and...titicaca are going to study, eh? We'll be off then"
by Shadow March 09, 2003

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