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Idiot, moron, fool. Used in Yorkshire UK
That guy is doylum.
by seymour butts October 22, 2003

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A name for a very hot sexy asian girl that lets you be dominant..
I wonder if that Yuumei will ever want to be dominant over me?
by Seymour Butts August 22, 2003

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Crabbing involves an intricate process of anal penetration, then ejaculation into the partners'(male or female) bunghole. After these steps have been completed, the fucker sucks the cum out of the suckee's asshole with a straw forming a red, white, and brown solution.
Ben and Alex were banging eachother from behind then Ben finished and sucked out his fatty mcnut from Alex's money-hole.
by Seymour Butts April 05, 2005

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The act performed by George W. Bush for his own monetary gain and political standing.
1. v. George enacted genocide on the wrong race today, but it suited his bank account.

2. n. Geroge loves genocide.

3. adj. Geroge is a genocidal meglomaniac.

4. adv.
by Seymour Butts November 26, 2004

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When Arthur sticks his wang in Mallorys bung.
Oh shit Ardie corn holed her!
by Seymour Butts May 11, 2004

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