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It's a radioactive element you dumbass.
by scientist June 24, 2003
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An Olympic Qualifying Boxer with four "World Records"; including the infamous Guinness World Record for the "Fastest Punch" and three Record Setter World Records of "The Longest Punch" (10' and 10"), "The Most Speed Bag Punches in a Minute" (581) and "The Most Contact Punches in a Minute" (900, 15 per second)-he is also the writer of "The Tangibility of Nothingness" which is the mathematical equivalence of the "Third Number" in mathematics personified by perpetual non-empty functional sets.
Keith(Fastest Punch)Liddell is an extremely good boxer with a punch measuring over 44 mph, (70.8 kph).
by SCIENTIST March 25, 2013
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One who is so dim, he does his best to advertise the fact by choosing online names such as 'Buggerlugs' to describe himself.
Hi, I'm Buggerlugs, and I remain a fuckwit.
by Scientist July 13, 2005
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