14 definitions by scarlett

1. a pansexual person; one who would consider a sexual and/or emotional relationship with male, female, or transgender
2. A girl who likes anal and vaginal sex; a boy who likes to recieve anal, as well as give penile intercourse
Kelly likes it in the front and the back, she's ambisextrious.

I am not straight, I am ambisextrious.
by scarlett June 13, 2003
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larger-than-life patriot, usually Texan or ex-military
"Ah'm 'merican an' proud of it."--Dubya, while at the ranch
by scarlett November 24, 2003
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"That fucking hick doesn't stop listening to White Snake"
by scarlett January 25, 2004
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"Fox as we're a bunch of foxy chicks. Force as we're a force to be reckoned with. Five as there's one ... two ... three ... four ... five of us." The Fox Force Five is a group of assassins, each with their own specialty. It first appeared in a dialogue in the movie Pulp Fiction. One can use this as a term of respect, irony or insult.
"You and your groupies are no Fox Force Five but the band and I will still party with you."
"We looked so fine that we were all Fox Force Five."
by scarlett April 11, 2005
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In Anglo-American Mythology: an entity which has traditionally been male but is more likely female. A mechanism for self defense against disgust - ex 'Oh, GOD!'. A person who is the father of a carpenter. At one time in history, Bill Gates.
God kills a kitten everytime you masturbate.

God doesn't discriminate. She hates mormons and morons alike.
by scarlett May 14, 2003
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teh uber hottness, intelligent, witty, basically the best all around girl EVARRR
omgzz, that girl is so hot and caity!

i am jealous of your caity-ness.
by scarlett April 26, 2005
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What everything else tastes like. The bird that terrorizes the Pirates of the Carribean ride at the Disneyworld theme park.
This tastes like chicken.
The chickens are coming after me!!!! ah!!!!!
by scarlett May 27, 2003
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