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1. the ancient asian practice of slapping farm animals with ones small asian penis.

2. A caner like desise of the the left index finger.
1. if you want those animals to respect you you all gonna have to do a little kanism.

2. The once great mod had a sever case of kanism and died.
by satin September 06, 2003

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a creature for which it is unknown on whether it is a male or female
Holy crap ypsidan is a guy?
by satin September 28, 2003

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a loser that hangs out at ebaumsworld forum and no one likes him...
ANTHRAX is a loser!!
by Satin October 10, 2003

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one who has a lot of boners
Dude ur a lumberjack!!!
by satin January 28, 2005

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