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a super hero who uses ass fucking to stop criminals
thief: hey whats that noise?
BS man: stop for i am buttsex man
theif: oh my god ill never steal again
BS man: i know you wont
theif: aaaaahhhhhhhhh i need some lube
by samtheman4808 April 28, 2008

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sticking your cock so far up a chicks ass that you poke her kidney and she pisses blood
guy1: what are you doing tonight?

guy2: oh my woman wanted mo to practice my Anal Kidney Punching.

guy1: oh....

guy2: yea she says im really close but no blood yet.
by samtheman4808 April 29, 2008

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is an ugly fat bitch!!!!!
should we go kick that swamp cow at mcdonalds
by samtheman4808 April 28, 2008

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what the inmates eat at Guantanamo Bay. Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008). it is another word for sucking cock
the inmates next to harold and kumar had to enjoy there cock meat sandwitch while they had to wait for big bob
by samtheman4808 May 06, 2008

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a person of the mental handicaped discription who requirs the use of a helmet
stop being a fuckin squashhead!!!
by samtheman4808 April 30, 2008

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Abbreviation for Over Active Taint Syndrome, excesive sweating inbetween your balls and asshole.
I had a bad case of oats so i wiped it with my hand and rubbed it in kevins mouth.
by samtheman4808 April 28, 2008

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what you call a douche bag who calls himself many differnt things. including nerd cruncher, african american, jewish, and a few others. he is a little white boy who thinks he is black.
Man: Kazz your my little bitch
Kazz: I aint be nO oNeS be-otch
Man: I hope you like a cock meat sandwitch
Kazz: Do iT cuM wIt Da cReaM FiLlin
Man: It sure does. Now start eating you little bitch
Kazz: Man i loVes dEM coCk Meat SaNDwitChes
by samtheman4808 May 09, 2008

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