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A space between too cars that is for fighting.
Lets go to the bottle and settle this!
by sam wheat April 12, 2004

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A jive term used to describe segregation in uber black communities.
Man, that turkey baster could dig grease while chomping on buns and dragging through the garden, but couldn't eat a picture because of the blanket authorities. Golly
by Sam Wheat July 11, 2005

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The last half of a half-eaten Pastami sandwitch made from ingrediants not less than 67 days after their respective expiration dates.
Ah, dat bitch is nasty! The turkey baster just ate a picture! Sick fuck! I'm gonna puke.
by sam wheat July 06, 2004

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A line between two stagagmites defining the shortest distance between them.
The average scissor length in those caves is 3.8524m
by Sam Wheat April 12, 2004

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