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1. (Mong)- Slang for spastic, but used against a person who says or does something completely idiotic by accident or without realisation. This makes every witness simultaneously raise their hands to their shoulders and shake 'em while sticking their tongue in their lower lip and making 'urrgh' noises.

2. (Monged)- A vegetive state of mind/being usually effective after consuming large quantities of alcohol, weed, lsd, ecstacy etc or combinations of.
1. Steve you mong, you've just poured the kettle onto ya cornflakes.

2. Steve's well monged after we spiked his drink with acid, muhahahaha.
by Safecracker G October 15, 2004
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The hugely popular, overrated fast food restaurant named McDonaldz where they insist on puttin' a 'Mc' in front of everyword spoken in every establishment.

Their big yellow 'M' is what this term referz to.
Customer: I'd like a coke please.
Staff: Thatz one McCoke.
Customer: Forget it ya McWanker, I'm off to Burger King...

(I know itz not a proper example but who givez a shit, this is funnier)
by Safecracker G November 20, 2004
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1. To completely get away with something, like murder.
2. A false name given to Police when you are stopped + searched.
Pig: "'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, whatz your name then sonny?"
Sonny: "Erm ... no itz not Sonny, itz Scott Free."
by Safecracker G May 02, 2005
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A hospital fo nutterz and crazy mf'z etc.
Steve'z gone mad and has been carted off by men in white jacketz to tha loony bin.
by Safecracker G November 01, 2004
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A male person who pleasures himself a bit too often or at opportune moments (like when a girlfriend is asleep or in the bath), a wanker, tosser, masturbator. Taken from the action of a miner using his tool at the source of the salt.
OMFG, did ya hear that Steve got caught wanking at work, he's such a fucking salt miner.
by Safecracker G October 15, 2004
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A girl who has been out with most of ya matez at one point or another.
Tina is such a 'posse pussy', I mean she'z shagged Me, Tony, Dave, Pete, Alan and Steve all from tha same crew.
by Safecracker G September 10, 2004
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The early dayz of any sexual relationship when you are findin' out about each otherz bodiez and desirez.
me + my new girlfriend have been sexplorin' fo a week now, I think itz about time I asked her about anal
by Safecracker G April 10, 2005
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