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The point at which a white American girl from an economically well-off family goes on a trip sometime slightly before her senior year of high school (usually with a religious youth group or other like organization) to a poor nation (most commonly one within Africa) and after returning claims to have "helped the less fortunate" and/or "learned life lessons and discovered her true self." Upon further review of her attention whore photos with starving children of another race posted to Facebook, it quickly becomes apparent that the purpose for this trip was to manufacture a notable recent experience to write about in a college application for some Ivy League university that all her family members probably attended. Often a last resort for girls who are stupid, slutty, untalented, have other shortcomings, or a combination of those qualities.
Ashley had a GPA of 2.2 and her only extracurricular was sucking dick, so she had to take an application safari to get into a decent university.
by s_h September 26, 2011
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The act wherein a man tucks his erect penis behind the waistband of his pants in order to conceal it from onlookers.
Bob popped a boner in math class talking to Susie so he pulled a utility belt and tucked it when she wasn't looking.
by s_h August 22, 2011
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