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Straight Pimpin
Keep it PI
by S1 February 27, 2003

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When one has been trolled for so long and so hard that they don't even need to be trolled anymore. They just keep posting text walls of gibberish, providing the troll who enacted auto-troll a priceless victory.
Thing 1: You see SilentRuin on the forums lately? Baron just posts a word or two and SilentRuin spends hours typing responses.

Thing 2: Yeah, Baron's really got him set on Auto-troll.

Thing 1: I've never seen someone on Auto-troll so hard!

Thing 2: Well, Baron's the man.
by s1 May 13, 2012

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Baby Daddy
Girl my bbd is trippin again.
by S1 February 27, 2003

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