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Very derogatory term for an upper-class Brit, frequently one who gained his position via nepotism or other social connections, not through his own competence.

The trademark recessive chin is thought to be due to inbreeding.
The new guy? He's just a chinless wonder HQ sent down here to get him out of their hair for a while. I hear his father's on the board...
by Rosignol October 17, 2006
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Beaten decisively. When applied to a person, it usually refers to a fistfight. Inanimate objects that have been clobbered are unlikely to be repairable.

Synonyms: thrashed, beaten, smashed, destroyed
Urbandictionary.com's reputation is being clobbered by bad definitions.
by rosignol May 15, 2005
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As reported by comedian Dave Barry, a businessman by the name of Jim Munn was planning to implement an idea allegedly relayed to him by a federal health inspector: gluing the rectums of Thanksgiving turkeys shut in order to decrease the risk of salmonella poisoning.

The proposed name for this product/service was 'Rectite.'

It is unclear if the product made it out of the development stage. This may be an urban legend, although Snopes.com has no entry for it as of 2-June-05.
Wow, did you hear what happened to the Joneses? They got salmonella from their Thanksgiving Turkey! I sure am glad you got a Turkey with Rectite, honey- salmonella is no fun.
by rosignol June 02, 2005
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