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Lets see then . . . well grungers are teenagers (normally boys but there are girl grungers too) that mainly listen to: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Metal, Love Metal, New Wave Of British Metal a.k.a NWOBM (eg: iron maiden), Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock.

Grungers wear: baggy jeans (normally cost £40), long t - shirts with a band name on it, hoodies with band name on it, skateboarding shoes or boots, chains.

Many people have made the mistake that grungers skateboard. Well this is wrong, a skater is someone that skateboards and generally listens to Punk music and other bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Grungers don’t have to skate (I don’t) but can do if they wish.

A grunger doesn't get into fights but only resorts to violence as a last resort.

A grunger's most hated enemy is a townie; townies are scumbags that wear disgusting (unisex) tight clothing, listen to garage music and speak in an untranslatable language.

General Info:
Grungers normally get their clothes from Camden Market.

Most Grungers get a kick out of extreme gore!

A grunger’s favourite colour is normally black.

Most grungers scar old people (not intentionally) lol.

Grungers have long hair.

Grungers don't care what others think, as long as they're happy with what they wear, listen too and do in life, then a grunger is on top of the world :)

current artists in my "listening to" pile: marilyn manson, white zombie, HIM, cradle of filth, rob zombie, slipknot, iron maiden.
by Robert June 26, 2004

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A person, usually a male under the age of 25, who buys an economy car(or is given one by their parents in the hopes that they will be reasonable) and attempts to hide the fact that its an economy car with body kits and spoilers that creat more drag than downforce, yet somehow (supposedly) help with acceleration and handling in a Front wheel drive car. Easily identified by the distinct sound of an extremely pissed off bumble bee, and a familiar, yet hard to describe smell coming from the exhaust, easliy smelled 10 car lengths back.
I smell......Rice.....
by Robert September 21, 2003

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A person who has suffered extensive, usually fatal, burns.

Military slang, but applicable to the civilian world.
There was one casualty in the hotel fire, a crispy critter.
by robert January 18, 2005

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A very fast AMERICAN car unlike little crap hondas and acura's
Honda Owner:Look at that mustang he's goin 80 maybe we should race him.
Mustang owner:suck my big dick little honda you can't never ever eva eva eva step up biiiiiitch.hahaha nods head* at honda
by robert February 14, 2005

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1.the source of power (n.)
2. "put on the Daddy Pants" (tr.v.) to assume authority and whip some ass

from the days when it struck mortal fear to hear "You just wait until your Dad gets home!"
As in "Dude, you need to put on the Daddy Pants and not let them get away with that shit"
"This guy at work put on the Daddy Pants and told the marketing guys where to go."
by robert February 25, 2005

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music thas ben written for people who can't read real music, usualy writen for guitars
by robert September 13, 2003

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i badass game that you suck at when you first start out but get uber by level 25.
DAMNIT! i dont have cure blight potion damn rats.*drops all daedric armor and weapons* ok gotta remember where this is. 2 days later: wtf happen to my armor and weapons?!
by robert July 30, 2004

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