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a word not invented and/or trademarked by callum. (also means warm weather or another word for croquets which are too hot)
1. these croquets are roasty toasty
2. wow it’s roast toasty outside
3. callum you did not create roasty toasty
by roasty toasty August 10, 2019
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Supre. It's origins go all the way back to the invention of the brothel. When all their 'escorts' needed 'special' clothes for their 'performing' they went to supre. The people who shop here are quote from specky's definition "slutty little try-hards." To top it all after the pleading of Natalie for me to ask if I can try on a mini-skirt the service is appalling as I was told to fuck off. Considering the customers that was a very realistic statement in the case of someone desperate.
Fat bogan bitch "I want to show everyone my fat rolls so I'll buy some clothes from supre."
by roasty toasty February 13, 2005
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Maccas is the australian name for the golden deep-fried arches of mcdonalds. Home to such ingenious slogans as 'it's mac time' (the heroin addicts loved that one) 'things that make you go mmmm' and 'I'm loving it'. More genious work in marketing includes the burgers. Big mac. Man you need some research to come up with that. Mcnuggets. Sounds like ronald's castrated himself and fed them to you. And ofcourse the happy meal. The happy meal. It makes fun of itself. There greatest accomplishment was to create the childrens character. Hamburglar. Doesn't that give you idea they are giving your impressionable young children the idea of stealing their hamburgers. And just the word. Hamburglar. Grimace comes next. Each oiur food and you will turn into an unco-ordinated obese purple blob with no hair or neck. How many people globally who have gotten. mcobesity and mccardiac arrest are countless and thir heartless slaughter of etheopian slaves to make their burgers is just inhuman. Summed up simply maccas is a place. summed up more complicatedly macca is a place of child molesting clowns who want to put their hand into your wallet and pants.
BOGAN "Hey shazza let's go to maccas and gain kilos while going into convulsions"

OTHER BOGAN " I can't I gott a go ask for child support of the five different fathers of my children. That and I've got detention forscrewing my 50 year old teacher at reccess
by roasty toasty April 9, 2005
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Wheely Wanka is name of a tyre that I one day found in a ditch. This magnificant king of the highway can be rolled down a hill, at high speeds or off a cliff. The Wheely Wanka is a creature of little balance and gets filled with sand easily. It's sister creature is the tyre which can be found on the wheel of a car. The tyre can serve for the same purposes as well as going round and round, round and round all day long.
"Far out look at Wheely Wanka go"
"Far out? christ you're gay Jack"
by roasty toasty February 13, 2005
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