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a fictional cologne used in Anchorman:the legend of Ron Burgandy, it is made by odeon and is illegal in 9 countries. It's made with real bits of panther, so you know it's good. 60% of the time, it works every time
Brian Fantana uses sex panther
by Rmilkman August 20, 2008

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1. A game manufactured by Bethesda Software. It is highly addictive and should be labeled as videocrack. The game has more depth than any other videogame ever created. It will become your second life and a source of happiness. After an addict has been using for more than 10 hours, he will lose all concept of reality and will lose track of time. Proceed with caution.

2. A realm similar to hell. It has people who look like darth maul, and tiny naked elf people who shoot fire from there hands and speak in tongues. Oblivion threatens to take over all of cyrodill and needs to be stopped.
1. I've been playing oblivion all weekend. I didn't eat or sleep at all. My character is finally level 4 though!

2. I'm in obliivon and i can't find the sigil stone, FUCKING SCAMP KEEPS SHOOTING AT ME!!!!
by rmilkman January 21, 2009

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The scale ranging from balls times 1 to balls times ten that determines how bad a current situation is.
Ryan: Somebody ate all of our chicken!
Brandon: Balls times 7!!
Ryan:That's pretty high on the Balls scale.
by Rmilkman September 03, 2008

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The rage that fills you as you wait in line at the DMV.
I might go on a killing spree because of my Pre-road rage!
by Rmilkman September 26, 2008

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A town in central North Carolina, located east of Raleigh. It is referred to as 'K-Town' by it's residents. It's landmarks include: a wal-mart, a KFC, and US-64, the main road running through the center of Knightdale. It is arguably the worst place to live in North Carolina.
Dude, I'm straight outta Knightdale
by Rmilkman August 20, 2008

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Known by sophomores, juniors, and Seniors as the greatest day of the year. Celebratory rituals include (but are not limited to): Trashcanning/dumpsterizing, turtling backpacks, and flagpole ducttapings.
Dude, Happy Freshman Friday!
I know, I've had this day marked on my calender for weeks!
Lets go trashcan some fresh meat!
by Rmilkman September 03, 2008

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