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40 or 50 is used when your riding on hoe stroll. When you ride up to a hoe she will ask you if you have 40 or 50 meaning 40 dollar for head and 50 dollar for pussy.
I was riding on the main hoe stroll ran up next to this fine ass girl. She ask me if i was dating and if i have 40 or 50. I wanted both.
by rltipster March 20, 2007
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Christina Agulara "Young Jeezy" refering to that top of the line white girl aka cocaine. Not just no averge white girl aka coke. Found on Young Jeezy & USDA - White Girl song.
I got that white girl Christina Aguilera. Young Jeezy & USDA - White Girl.
by rltipster April 03, 2007
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Done alot in the Navy. When someone junior told to get a cup of coffee from someone senior. The junior sailor rim the senior person cup with his penis. Junior sailor may leave an alittle extra for the senior sailor in his cup like a pubic hair.
Hey Seaman John Doe get me a fresh cup of coffee. Roger that Chief. Seaman Doe gets the coffee from the mess decks(Galley) go to the head(restroom)and rims(dirty dick)the Chief coffee cup with his penis. Seaman Doe head back to the Chief to hand him his fresh cup coffee. Chief drank it. Damn good cup coffee Seaman Doe. You welcome Chief.
by Rltipster March 16, 2007
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Is when a Baller in a strip club throw alot of money in the air over a stripper on the stage.make it rain
That Baller at Magic City make it rain for hours at the club. Make it rain in this bitch all baller call.
by rltipster March 20, 2007
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