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Anyone who believes what the government shows on the news.

People who got suckered into thinking that the Sandy Hook killer can kill all of those people with a reported 96.2 % accuracy, unaware that the homes these fake parents lived in were all paid for and bought on Dec 25th 2009, People unaware that social security numbers do not exist for the children.

Fed suckers also don't realize that the fake parents were interviewed 2 days later on CNN and showed no signs of mental trauma ( crying, hyper anxiety, stress) only happiness.
BBC News anchor: We just got word that Building 7 has collapsed

BBC on site reporter: (building 7 is still in the background and standing)

BBC News Anchor: uhh, we lost signal

Me: I wonder how many fedsuckers believe in this?
by rickya209 May 16, 2014
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Stronger than steel.

A material when launched at over 300 mph can penetrate and destroy Steel columns.
Orlando: 911 showed that fiberglass can cut through fucking steel.

Me: Super Man is nicknamed man of steel, should be man of fiberglass because thats apparently tougher than steel.
by rickya209 May 16, 2014
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A TV show that introduces gay sex to straight men.

They trick straight men by adding straight sex. The show uses camera angles to show gay floppy wieners during boring dialog. Fans of the show talk about how much they love the show, yet they don't quote any awesome dialogs because the show is filled with cock and balls.

South Park has criticize on the massive amount of penis in the show.
Orlando: do you watch Game of Thrones?

Ricky: No, I only watch straight porn.
by rickya209 May 16, 2014
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When a girl gives you an obvious hint that she would like to have sex, makeout, give her cell number, etc.. You have a chance to score but you fuck up and accidently 'punt' your chance away.
Orlando: She told me she hasn't had sex in a long time, so i texted her 'I'm sorry to hear that'.

Ricky: You should play for the Oakland Raiders you just punted your chance.
by rickya209 May 16, 2014
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