4 definitions by rickard from mi.

A person that is Sheltered yet jaded.
You grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth but/and make pre-judgments because you are so Jaded.
Judge Judy lived a sheltered life but yet is so Jaded that she is Shaded.
by rickard from mi. November 21, 2013
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momicide- when a mother kills her own children.
the crazy mother committed momicide when she drove her car into the river with her children in the back seat and left them there to die.
by rickard from mi. December 04, 2009
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Don't start watering your plants while cooking a tortilla or you'll get distracted and burn the tortilla. Dumb ass.
I got distracted , watering my plants, and burnt the tortilla I was cooking for breakfast. Damnit.
Don't get distracted and burn the tortilla. I got distracted and ended up a burnt tortilla.
by rickard from mi. December 26, 2018
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When kicking a season saving/ending field goal, don't double dong it. i.e. hit the left post and then bouncing off the crossbar back into the endzone. DONG!! dong!!
Cody Parker kicked a field goal for the Chicago bears 2018 playoff season and missed with a double donger.
by rickard from mi. January 11, 2019
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