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The phenomenon of dying and being resurrected as a cartoon character.
Tim to Jane: "When I die, I wanna be born again as Bugs Bunny."

Jane: "That sounds like the perfect reincartoonisation for you. I totally see you munching on carrots already!"
by ricci-s March 01, 2009

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1) to have sex

2) a dance move
1) "Come on baby, let's do the train!"

2) "Today we learned how to do the train - want me to show it to you?"
by ricci-s October 14, 2008

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when you wake up in the morning and can't see beyond your blanket due to morning stiffness
Julia: "Good morning, sweety! You see that lovely sunrise?"

Sam: "Babe, all I see is the erectizon!" ...
by ricci-s February 23, 2009

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The dedication of your new place of residence, usually in some form of party, gathering, or some other social get-together.
A combination of "crib" and "baptism".
Last night, we all went to Justin's new house and celebrated so hard. It was the greatest cribtizm I've ever been to.
by ricci-s March 01, 2009

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The act of putting somebody out of her or his boredom.
Adrian: I'm bored. Nothing's happening in this place.

Richard: I got an idea - want me to unbore you? You gonna like what I got in mind...
by ricci-s August 05, 2009

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1) hunting: the way you approach your object of desire

2) virtual communication: to walk through someone's social networking profiles and other virtual traces while chatting with that person (similar to talk'n'stalk)

3) making out: to pretend to read text messages while going for a walk with your date, though you are actually checking out his/her digital fingerprint
1) father to son: "When we go hunting tomorrow morning, I'll teach you how to walk'n'stalk!"

2) Tim to Jon: "Last night I talked to Mary on Skype, but she never answered right away, so I think she was walk'n'stalking me..."

3) Jen to Jess: "On Sunday, I went on this date with Blake and he told me that he was single, but then I pretended to have gotten a message from you, although I actually checked his facebook profile where I found out that he'd just made out with his girlfriend last night. This walk'n'stalk kept me from going any further with that liar!"
by ricci-s May 01, 2009

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...the feeling you get when you visit Berlin, Germany's capital. It feels as if you have just entered another universe.
When we vacationed in Berlin last year, we felt as if we were on another planet. What a Berliniverse!
by ricci-s April 28, 2009

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