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Basically, anyone who's gay, but acts like a female. You know, speaks with a higher tone than thier normal tone, sways their hips while walking, and bringing thier sexuality into everything. They make it sound as if them being gay is a world changing thing, and do their best to annoy the fuck out of you. And I'm bisexual!!!
Kyle stop being a new fag.
by Renegade August 30, 2015
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People that believe that they might become gods. The above stated 13 Articles of Faith put exactly what mormons are. And in the Bible, it states that nothing shall be added to that specific book, not the entire Bible. I forget which book it is though, but we studied it in seminary...another mormon quirk. you get up at 6 oclock every morning and go to church, then you got to school. But if it were true that that statement referred to everything, then the entire Bible would be fake, because that book was one of the first written. The bible is not compiled chronologically.
Mormons are persecuted daily, and those that stand up for their beliefs have my utmost respect. Sadly, I don't have my own respect.
by Renegade February 17, 2005
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1.Big, butch girls who would just as soon eat a baby for lunch

2. Mike Roberto
Yo, shes def a baby-eater
by Renegade December 06, 2004
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An adjective that describes something that is sweet or badass
Tim: Check out my new sound system
Mike: That aint nothin, check out this bad larry
by Renegade December 09, 2004
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i still haev respect for those guys because they are capable of releasing an album such as Calculating Infinity. BUT...Irony Is A Dead Scene made me want to vomit...there new stuff will probably be lame too. we'll see.
Lambgoat is gay. Renegade is the coolest Lambgoat poster.
by Renegade September 18, 2003
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