A Somali tribe best known for having constituted the vast majority of the Darawiish. As a result of the Darawiish wars they lost territory, were decimated and were weakened; and as such are currently nicknamed Darwiishis or "Reer Darwiish". They are divided into 3 main branches: (1) M Garaad Ugaadhyahan (2) Farah Garaad (3) Bah Nugaaleed. They're called reer darawiish because the first capital (dareema caddo) and last (Taleh) were all in Dhulbahante land.
She's a member of the Dhulbahante tribe
by readyforthemoon55 June 19, 2020
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The dhulbahante garaadship was the predecessor of the Daraawiish
she remembers the Dhulbahante garaadship
by readyforthemoon55 November 29, 2019
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the dhulbahante garaad is the garaad guud of the reer darawiish tribe
he's the dhulbahante garaad
by khatumo October 31, 2020
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A gabadh dhulbahante means a woman who's darawiish
she's a gabadh dhulbahante
by readyforthemoon55 May 14, 2020
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Dhulbahante land is a place inhabited by reer darawiish
its dhulbahante land
by khatumo October 31, 2020
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a dhulbahante queen is a female darawiish monarch
she's a dhulbahante queen
by khatumo October 31, 2020
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halganka dhulbahante refers to the darawiish period
its halganka dhulbahante
by khatumo October 30, 2020
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