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when you are forced by a girlfriend to go purchase something that she needs, most of the time it is something that would embarrass the guy if it was not being picked up for his girl, most of the time you would rather be doing something else
done when you are whipped
jill- hey chris will you go pick me up some more tampons
chris- not another whip trip, the guys at cvs are startin to laugh

guy behind counter- why the hell are you buying maxi-pads
me- its just a whip trip
by razzizzle July 23, 2009

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a shoe that you see that does not have a match in sight
survey- what is around you right now

answerer- ipod, pillow, tissue box, random shoe
by razzizzle October 21, 2009

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using words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its original intention.
irony: there is an S in the word lisp
by razzizzle August 09, 2009

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