16 definition by rayjay

1. a person who lives in Mary land.

2. a person who likes to get trashed and call his friends on the phone.

3. someone who's name is not willay but in fact it is Jason Cook.
by rayjay October 04, 2004

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globulous matter of alleged female decent, arranged in a manner rendering any form of human procreation futile in that all orifices are not only hidden, but Newton's 4th Law deems it scientifically impossible.
Damn B, that girl is a real gurdie.

Although Superman was able to muster enough strength to lift the gurdie, even he was unable to bang her silly.
by RayJay April 14, 2004

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Stinky dingle is short for stinky dingleberry.

A stinky dingle is someone who always hangs around and just makes everyone depressed...
Matt Compton is being such a stinky dingle today.

Dood, stop being such a stinky dingle, you're depressing everyone.
by rayjay November 13, 2005

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when someone says something good or takes a shot at someone and you'd feel obligated to say 'nice one'

short for nice one.
me: oh dood i saw this guy with an ill stash and i screamed at him, NICE STASH FATSO!
james: n1.
by rayjay April 04, 2006

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A girl who has a physical attraction to another woman lesbian but dresses like a man and grows an ill stash and basically becomes a man with a vagina.
me: OMG, meg's sister is such a friggin lesbiman!
james: Yeah, check out her stash!
by rayjay April 04, 2006

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zoo ass when you have the shits ,like the animals in the zoo
man don't know whati ate last night but do i have zoo ass today
by RAYJAY February 03, 2005

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A baseball term. Also the act being crushed to death whilst having sex with two very "large" ladies.
"Poor Bill, he was too young to die."
"That's what a suicide squeeze will get yah."
by rayjay October 20, 2004

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