55 definition by raven

Some one who is such a huge 'fan' of something, that they have surpased the "fan" or "fanatic" level.
"I am a HUGE Harry Potter fandork!"
by Raven May 25, 2003

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Just another word refering to ohio the 17th state in the union. More of a slang term used by residents of the state in vernacular speach.
You're from ohia? Me too!
by Raven February 17, 2005

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GOD PLAYER!!!!! the most hated RPer in RP!!!!
Billy (LigerZero007) is a god player
by Raven July 02, 2003

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Keep away From him
Kazare, The Seventeenth
by Raven June 12, 2003

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1. a game on battle.net that is open to everyone

2. the above defenition, except everyone is a noob

3. sometimes, private games can seem like pubbies if they include chawtf, sica, or 13lood.prince
hey, lets make it a pubby, there arent enough people to make a private game
by Raven March 05, 2004

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Short for "Shampoo Immunity". It is when shampoo can be used for lube in anal stimulation of the prostate without it burning.
Damn man, that guy has shimmy. I still have to use KY or conditioner.
by Raven July 19, 2004

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Someone that is extremly "homo" but not actually homosexual. Also refered to in short by goon.
i.e. Brian Paddock

Dude you are such a goon dick.
by Raven January 23, 2004

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