4 definitions by r.a.

Hippest city in the world.
L.A. (see above).
by r.a. March 28, 2004
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Alternate, more literal, pronounciation of the word "legend" (generally pronounced "ledge-end")
He rocks, hes such a leg-end.
by r.a. September 2, 2004
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Of or related to the National Society of Pershing Rifles. Also "p/" in the written form. Pioneered and overused by P/R Co. E-8, Johns Hopkins University and Loyola College.
Hey, go get my p slash food from the p slash truck?

I'm going to need your p slash keys.

P slash ok.
by r.a. March 13, 2004
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to recieve fellatio whilst on top of your partner
' I put my nuts by your chin so when you look up / I be on top of you doing Bobby Brown pushups '
by r.a. March 10, 2004
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