The National Society of Pershing Rifles Fraternity. The only collegiate level military fraternity. Founded in 1894 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Generally participates quite closely with collegiate ROTC programs of all branches.

Famous members:

- Colin Powell
- James Earl Jones
- Jack Keane
- Galen Jackman
How was your pledge process to become a member of the Pershing Rifles?

- Real P/R Chapter: Barely made it. Now I just have to go Greek.

- Tactical P/R Chapter: Pledging, what's that? I signed papers and am now a member of the "honor society".
by Been2America May 26, 2010
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Then National Honor Society of Pershing Rifles. a nationally recognized fraternity, "these are brothers and sisters I'll NEVER forget as long as I live"

What could be the hardest thing or easiest thing you have ever done depending on where you are. If your part of a tactical unit then you know what im talking about (D-12), otherwise its much easier.
Hard: Company D-12 or Pershing Rifles marched the 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon if full BDU's and boots, 45lb rucksacks and water on a hot day... Raising $2,000 for the Livestrong Cancer Foundation. that dedication to duty and country, with some bold and true heart.
easiset: carrying a flag or rifle one mile in a parade.
creapy: using paddles to hit eachother during pledge term.
sorry brothers and sisters but some things are true,
hows the cow?
by Rifleman Greg Walsh September 14, 2006
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