3 definitions by purpleponce

A pathetic, supposedly derogatory term used by the hard-left to attempt to ridicule a patriotic English person
All the brexit voters are little Englanders
by purpleponce May 21, 2017
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A pitiful amount of money you get from an employer or the benefits office where once you've paid everything out to stop yourself getting evicted and keep debt collectors off your back you're just about lucky to have enough left to buy a few bits from the reduced shelf at the supermarket
I'm once again sat clock watching for 5 days with nothing to my name waiting to be paid my chicken feed
by purpleponce October 25, 2020
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Black Africans who beat bongos in their spare time when they manage to get a break from being internet football experts
I won't be donating money to bongo beaters
by purpleponce April 16, 2020
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