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Douche 1: Whats The Gram?
Douche 2: Instagram, but for douches
by pseudonymous-bosch- December 15, 2017
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The act of kicking a cat, usually for sport or competition, or if you are an insane person. The quality of the cat kick is measured length, with style or motivation also taken into consideration of the grade of the kick.
Man, I was so bummed that that cat kicking I had was worse than that other cat kicking because they took style into consideration, and he was pretty ecentric.
by pseudonymous-bosch- May 9, 2018
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When you're high and you send in urban dictionary definitions that make no sense
Guy #1 (high): Bro I'm tripping right now but this word I defined on urban dictionary is fucking funny
Guy #2: This shit doesn't make any sense, you're definitely pube-lishing
Guy #1: Nah you just gotta feel it through the words
by pseudonymous-bosch- June 4, 2018
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