121 definition by pseudonym

You know..that little slut that is always asking for it. Little hairy, but still worth the fifteen bucks.
Damn dude, check that 'Monkey Slut.' Only fifteen bucks!? Yeah, she's a little hairy, but still ...
by Pseudonym March 24, 2004

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A: Hey, What does Newport stand for?
B:Oh, it just means never eat wrinkled pussy or rotten titties...
by pseudonym March 26, 2005

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A person whos clothes are too tight.
The rollerblader kicked the skateboarders ass.
by pseudonym January 02, 2005

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(n) A term denoting one who is a frequent victim of misfortune. Also uses terms such as "bah" and more frequently "doh" when being clumsy in mind and/or body.
John: Look at that guy who slipped on the ice and hurt his knee.
Greg: Must be a Sharkey.
by pseudonym February 21, 2005

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a girl's pussy
I fucked her turkey last night
by pseudonym April 19, 2004

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to feel up on a girl's boobs while making out
ie: the domes are the two on her chest while ur coping them ie: feeling up on her
bob: yo i saw u n that girl at greg's party yesterday.. u two were gettin in on er what.. how far did u go
rob: yo she was lame.. she wouldn't even let me cop dome..
bob: damn thats wack...
by pseudonym April 19, 2005

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airsoft is a game where people like to play or re-enact sences from black hawk down

they play with their booty and have nice guns. a man only sport. not for boys
i have an mp5sd5, made by tm. it woops the cadies ass
by pseudonym September 11, 2004

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