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Laugh Out Loud
If your texting someone and they say something you think is funny, you reply with: Lol
by Pseudonym! September 07, 2015
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Slang defined for confused and, or wasted.
"Man, did you see Becky last night?! She was so mecked"

'Yeah dude"

"Oh I know she was tipsy all morning"

"hahaha those pictures are so going on facebook"

"thats what happens when you get mecked"

by PSEUDONYM! February 11, 2012
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Not to be confused with PETA, or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, nor the Palestinian Information Technology Association, because that's silly.
i.e.: I really wish Isreal would stop prank calling the PITA...
by pseudonym! March 15, 2004
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