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peta - people for the ethical treatment of animals- is a huge animal rights organisation which belives in total animal liberation

this means no meat,no fur,no zoos,no leather,no eggs,no milk...
the list goes on and on

im all for agaisnt animal cruelty but the way peta convey thier messages are rather that of a vandalist.they sticke "meat its murder "stickers everywhere and hate on everyone which eats meat
guy1: hey look at that guy eating a veggie burgeR. he must be from peta
by ps7 August 16, 2005
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a reality tv shows which orginated from the netherlands but became quite a popular show in the UK.
it comes on channel 4 and the evicitons are presented by davina mcall. big brother has spwaned other mini shows which are about big brother
eg. big brothers little brother and big brothers big mouth

its a show which has a number of people living in a house,and one by one, those people are evitced by the public.

many chavs watch this show but also other classes of people do watch it.
mostly contains strong language and sometimes conversation or scenes of a sexual nature
guy 1: hey did you watch big brother last night?
guy2: no damn!
guy1: dude! anthony banged makosi in the pool
guy2: ah shite
by ps7 August 15, 2005
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a show starring eliza dushku. the show is about tru (eliza), who works in a mourge. people who died unnatural death ask her for help, and then the day rewinds ,so tru can save them. through the course of the show many twists and turns occured, such as tru's opposite jack came in who did what tru does accept he preserves fate and stops tru from saving lives.
guy1: hey did u watch tru calling last night?
guy2: no! shiteeeeee what happened?
by ps7 August 15, 2005
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this phrase is derived from the fable by an acient guy called aesop

the story is that a fox sees some grapes high up0n a tree, he tries to get them,but after many failed attempts,the fox walks aways and says "they are probably sour anyway"

when somebody says "thats sour grapes" they are talkign about somebody desiring something,but unable to have it,so they pretend like they dont want it.when infact they do!
guy1 (who is blonde) : wow that girl is fit
guy2: dude she h8s blonde guys!
guy1: oh i dont care she is probably a dyke anyway
by ps7 August 15, 2005
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