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Typography obsessed individual. Fonts, type families, weights and widths, italics and obliques.
These words send an arousing feeling up a typophiles spine.
Bill couldn't stop analysing the new Natwest advert and it's ridiculous use of type. What a typophile!
by predatorMC March 12, 2009
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File System Consistency Check, or File System check is a system utility on Unix systems for checking file consistency.
Microsoft equivalents would be scandisk and chkdsk

It has been used as a profanity, as a replacement of fuck to get past autocensors/filters and also as a literal insult.

Sometimes used as general slang for to check/repair something.
fsck /dev/hd1

Fsck you.
by predatorMC June 11, 2006
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German word: translation above or over

Used in the German anthem 'Lied der Deutschen' as 'Deutschland ueber/uber Alles' (germany over all others).

Used in 31337speak or netspeak meaning best, very, ultimate

Could come from the word amazing in german (Überraschen)
Über alles

Gah, uber lag :(
by predatorMC January 5, 2004
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Fantastic, magnificent, amazing, awesome, the shit, made of win.

Follows the theme of using 'made of *insert word here*' as a way to describe something. Slang, usually found on the internet, although quite uncommon at present.

Although it doesn't seem to follow English grammar properly, win can be defined as a noun, so it isn't always grammatically incorrect, it's just nonsense.
However, sentences such as made of awesome are grammatically incorrect, but still used.
That pie was made of win, lol and awesome
by predatorMC December 3, 2006
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