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noun: jail, jail cell, prison
I got a little wrecked last night and yelled at a cop for taking my parking space. Oops, double whammy. He threw me straight into the sin bin!
by pposh November 28, 2010
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adjective: manner of acting or speaking in which someone sounds like an idiot, but thinks they are sophisticated and spot on; derived from the French language meaning ignorant pretention

noun: gross exaggeration or misinformation spoken with an air or belief of cosmopolitan, cultured or urbane worldliness

pronounced "id-ee-o-SHAY"
She thinks she's so smart and savvy. The things she says are completely off-base and idioche.

What a bunch of idioche! She doesn't know what she is talking about!
by pPOSH October 08, 2010
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noun: mind blowing feeling of overwhelming pleasure and happiness resulting from powerful and energetic sexual activity causing elevated highly heart rate, heavy breathing, and acute sensory stimulation
The fizzical sex they had together made him feel like he had just taken a rocket ride through the solar system.
by pPOSH October 13, 2010
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noun: mind-blowing feeling of excitement and happiness upon entering a large social event such as a concert, sporting event or party where the activity and people around produce elevated heart rate and high sensory stimulation
Upon entering the concert arena, he felt an acute sense of fizzical awareness as he heard the music and saw the people cheering wildly.
by pPOSH October 13, 2010
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noun: Outdoor physical activity that combines both breathing in maximum fresh air along with major heart pumping exercise resulting in a mind-blowing feeling of health and happiness
A 7 am run through the woods in the Fall is the ultimate fizzical activity!
by pposh October 12, 2010
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