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A splashy john is when there is a puddle of pee/water/god-knows-what under a urinal from the previous users of the urinal. A splashy john is especially disgusting if you are at a pool or a place where you are not wearing shoes. One way to avoid the puddle on a splashy john is to spread your legs so your feet are on either side of the puddle instead of taking a leak with your legs together which would mean that both your feet would be in the puddle.
"Timmy did you use the bathroom?"
"Fuck naw mommy! I got a splashy john!"
by poopy butt January 20, 2015

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A Jefferson Blast is when you holler out the sounds HE-HE, HEE, Jikjamona!, Jahmone, or Jikjahbnah! This is derived from South Park's The Jeffersons in which they do a parody of Michael Jackson.
Bob- Have you been up my wishing tree...
john-wait for it...
john- that was a big jefferson blast
by poopy butt December 06, 2015

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Adj. Having the extreme desire to have a close-knit group of friends or a "squad." A person who is squadrophilic almost always has annoying tendencies or is flat out crazy. Not having any real friends, a squadrophilic person will find random groups of people and latch onto them. Him or her may insist on taking group photos posting them on social media labeling them with tags such as "squad" or "besties." The group in which the squadrophilic person has attached him or herself to may have to go to exteme lengths to get rid of the squadrophilic.
Person 1: this weird girl keeps following my friends and I around. She's annoying and I think she might be crazy.
Person 2: she's probably god damn squadrophilic. Get rid of her before its too late and she starts taking group selfies.
by poopy butt November 24, 2016

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It originates from the episode of South Park called The Jeffersons. In this episodes a new person moves into South Park who is supposed to be Michael Jackson in disguise. This new person is called Michael Jefferson. Mr. Jefferson likes to sing and makes these sounds: hee hee (said in a very high voice), jikjamona, jahmone, jikjabeejerka. So a Jefferson blast is when you make any of these sounds at random periods in time.
Person 1- Inside the core of the sun hydrogen-

Person 2- HEE HEE
Person 1- god dammit Elliot. Will u quit doing Jefferson blasts!
by poopy butt January 16, 2016

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sweat that comes from the taint which soaks the underwear after exercise.
Son, why are you're underwear wet?
All that running gave me a severe grundle puddle
by poopy butt August 29, 2016

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When something you own is not performing like it's supposed to
My fantasy season is up shit creek
My school year is up shit creek
My sales record is up shit creek
by poopy butt August 29, 2016

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Much like crunk in the club, being "in the mix" can also be used to describe something that is tight, cool, or hip.
John: Dude, I went to the club last night, and me and Darrell got SO in the mix we couldn't even dance anymore.

Geoffrey: That's in the mix, man!
by Poopy Butt April 02, 2006

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