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The belief that the life of a wombat or a mosquito is more valuable than that of a human, and the willingness to hold a gun to the head of anyone who disagrees.
"I'm not an ecofascist! I'm just saying, that if you own cats, you should be willing to kill your children to make more room in your budget to feed them."
by pookleblinky November 30, 2004

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Nectar of the Gods as given Man by a Mexican on a Donkey.
Give me coffee or I will have a petit mal seizure
by pookleblinky December 03, 2004

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In Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series, the creator of psychohistory, a mathematical model of human populations.
I predict that Iran will try to nuke Israel, but hey, I'm no Hari Seldon
by pookleblinky November 29, 2004

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Chinese expletive, roughly translated "Bald Turtle Egg." You will get cut if you say this in a Chinese market.
You know what the fuck I'm saying- WANG BADANG!
by pookleblinky November 29, 2004

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A Wombat nuzzler is a breed of moonbat, with a distinctive combination of ecofascism, buddhism, anti-Semitism, dhimmitude, and psuedoscience. Unlike the common moonbat, who usually expresses one of these traits at a time, the wombat nuzzler displays all these qualities simultaneously when threatened.
I was out on a date with this hot girl. We were eating cooscoos, then a car back-fired or something. She suddenly began screaming, saying,"And Buddha-love-no-think-non-mind will kill the bushitler-sympathizer crypto-Jew Bill Gates if his nazi SUVs keep killing Palestinian bushbabies in the BIGGEST INFANTICDAL HOLOCAUST SINCE THE 2000 ELECTION!" Why do I keep dating crazy fucking wombat nuzzlers?
by pookleblinky November 29, 2004

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The Dunga are an African tribe that have spent the last 20 centuries hitting each other in the head with sticks.

Consequently, they have developed no art, literature, culture, or tools (other than those sticks). They are the epitome of all luddites and anti-intellectuals.
This dunga came all the way from Berkeley to protest at the NYSE. How'd he get here, by covered wagon?
by pookleblinky November 29, 2004

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First used in T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. Used to express admiration if a woman does a very cute and clever thing. Chanted with variations in rhythm and extra syllables.
by pookleblinky November 23, 2004

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