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Term used for a seventh grader. Sometimes used as an insult, or if your just lazy to say seventh grader just call them a sevy. Stolen from the Lizzie Mcguire show.
Thank god we're not sevy's anymore.
by Platypus April 18, 2004
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the last the first the final voice of reason
the golden ocean collapsed before the last of man could cross it and shadow drifted above with his black wings of raven to choose whose soul he should save
by platypus November 08, 2003
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A group of high school kids, usually low on the social ladder, whom stay after school to study the french language and culture.
"Let's go beat up the french club!"
by Platypus February 21, 2004
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Same thing as a Guido, but doesnt have to be italian. See Guido for more information. Spelt similarly like Guido, but not prounounced similarly.
Hey Keith, look at those gay Squido's next to rosa's pizza.
by Platypus April 18, 2004
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