the french language is stupid because they have 15 to many letters that don't even get there spot in the spotlight in each word!!!!
the french language is stupid.
by @be0powerly February 19, 2020
A beautiful language, spoken in France, Switzerland, Monaco, and several countries in Africa. French is a language that "sounds pretty" or sometimes even "sexy" when a hot French man speaks it, using soft delicate words.
It's a language that even when saying the most vulgar phrase in the world, can sound beautiful.
Pierre- Tu es une putain grosse! (you are a fat whore!)
Janice- Aw thanks Pierre! You're so sexy when you speak the French language!
Pierre- Merde. (shit.)
by hotpinkrunningshoes August 21, 2011
A verb used when talking about a great evil or catastrophe.
A: "Oh no I have unleashed the The Entire French Language!"
The world ends
by five's July 8, 2022
a beautiful language, but don’t let it fool you. Once you dig deeper, she is like a rotten egg… pretty on the outside, but when you try to open, she kills you immediately.
God, why did i choose french language… it’s so pretty, but learning it is horrible! Reminds me of a rotten egg.
by annays February 7, 2022