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people who exchange sexual acts for monitary units
every girl in churhcville NY is a whore
by pinto February 03, 2003

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THE BEST BAND ON THE UNIVERSE, OF ALL FUCKING TIMES. Steve Haris is my god. I couldn't live if i couldn't hear iron maiden. The other definition (def 38), was a piece of shit and im sure that all we agree, go kill urself bitch. All their albums are fucking godly.( best song has to be Hallowed By Thy Name, i do agre, and Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Random White guy: Iron Maiden....Whats that?
Crazzy Maiden Fan: They are gods on earth, go lick some grundle you dumb fuck.
by Pinto October 04, 2004

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1) A failed social experiment in which Jewish Princesses, farm people, and everyone in between was thrown into one school. Most often results in catfights of some sort or another.

2) A three town (Orange, Woodbridge, Bethany) school district. Two junior high schools and one high school, enough mold to infest all three, with enough left over to last for about a hundred years.
Damn...can't I just go to Platt?
by Pinto March 09, 2004

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A fast food restaraunt found all over Connecticut. Natural habitat of irratible Mexicans. They make all their food to order, although one must be willing to wait a long time for the sluggish employees to deliver it. Also a habitat for elderly ladies and roaches. The drive thru is a great place to spend an hour of your day.

The cooks at Duchess don't speak English.

The heat doesn't work at Duchess.
"Daym Chris we need a better job"
"But then we'd have to do work"

That old lady is going to Duchess.

That guy doesn't speak English, so they'll probably make him a manager.
by Pinto March 09, 2004

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Any weapon that causes massive loss of life and massive collateral damage. Technically, these do not include biological or chemical weapons since these do not cause collateral damage, but only massive loss of life (see weapons of mass casualty)
A nuclear weapon dropped on a city is a weapon of mass destruction.
by Pinto July 31, 2003

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The cruellest method of execution known to man. After engaging in 69 style loving, the top partner rolls over, places his brown eye over the mouth of the bottom partner, and does a show (see doin shows!.) This may or may not be fatal or permanently disabling.
My girlfriend cheated on me, so during the "I forgive you" sex I performed the Breath of Death on her.
by Pinto March 09, 2004

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Any weapon that is designed to kill large numbers of people, without necessarily destroying property. However, they may also cause enormous damage as well.
Anthrax, sarin nerve gas, and nuclear weapons all fall under this category.
by Pinto July 31, 2003

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