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More Vietnam jargon. Originally refering to an alley ball or stickball game played in most neighborhoods. Used by some military (usually in betting)to describe how the body of someone caught in the "Free Fire Zone" would travel when they were hit by the snipers or shots from the perimeter
look!... man, look out there at 11o'clock... what is that dumb ass doing in there? can't he fucking read? Fuck`em, cap`em. Hold on man! Don't shoot yet - Wait a fucking minute... I'm calling "First Bounce or Fly!"... I got $10. that says this one's gonna be a first bounce...anyone `wanna get down with $10. on a fly ball?? Ok. You're on. Alright man, blast the motherfucker.
by pikkil47 November 18, 2009
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GI jargon to describe "infantry" military occupational specialty (mos). Infantry was/is 11B10.....after a while, combatants when asked their "mos" would often reply with
"Bulletstopper, 11Bulletstopper, or sometimes 11 Bang Bang."
When queried about 'mos' many weary infantrymen replied with Bulletstopper or 11 Bulletstopper.
by pikkil47 February 10, 2010
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Military slang (usually used by the ground combatants) meaning we are taking: heavy fire, casualties,in risk of being wiped out or overrun. Frequently heard in radio communications requesting assistance.
fragment of radio transmission: We are INNN the shit, get some air cover in here. -or- Jesus Christ, we are REALLY IN THE SHIT...double deep... need artillery now,,,goddamnit, NOW.
by pikkil47 November 17, 2009
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Military term (of respect) used to describe the Viet Cong. Always used by many of the the combatants who had fought multiple engagements with them. Denoted grudging respect for their fighting prowess resulting in their monicker being changed from "charlie" to "Charles" or "Sir Charles"
often hear G.I. conversation: "Charles had his shit packed tight last night...chewed up half of 'A Company'... chewed `em up and spit `em right the fuck out." "Yeah?? Really??? No shit. Better have your shit reeealllyyy together before you go in that `ville looking to mix it with Sir Charles."
by pikkil47 November 17, 2009
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Another coinage from Vietnam to denote full automatic fire (usually of the AR-15/M-16. The early M-16/AR-15's did not have burst triggers - hence the whole magazine of 20-30 rounds could be run off fast). Hardly ever were two weapons fired in cadence so a long rrrriiiipppp of automatic fire followed by others had a surreal sound like bars from rock and roll songs.
Infantry conversation after a firefight: Hear that? Did you hear that?? I swear to Christ with us cappin` charlie and charlie cappin' us I fuckin' swear to God I heard someone playin' "Louie Louie" in there. Also to describe the state of mind and fighting mode intended by the grunts: "Fuck that 'pick `yer shot shit...I'm goin' in on rock and roll...gonna pray and spray the motherfuckers"
by pikkil47 November 18, 2009
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