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What noobs say when they cant be bothered or dont know how to say "please".

Note that plx doesnt have any vowels and also does not even 'sound' like it has vowels, like the word 'rhythm'. This means that plx actually isn't a true english word. So when people say this, you can actually ask them to speak in english. If they get confused, call them noobs.
Noob: heal plx!!

Scenario 1:
You: shut up noob!!
Noob: :( PLXXX

Scenario 2:
You: talk english
Noob: k plz giv me hil thx
You: -_-
by philz April 17, 2005

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1. A filo guy who plays random online games, usually that have something to do with guns or anime. Also HOP in #aeropub , which is a Ragnarok Online channel. Likes to script lots of mIRC crap too.
2. Someone who kicks ass.

(Anymore definitions on philz is probably an attempt to put him down. This is the one and only definition of him that would apply.)
1. Hey look, its philz!
2. Omg that guy is so philz!
by philz November 09, 2004

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Another phrase meaning for 'impossible' or 'annoying as hell', originating from World of Warcraft's quest with the same name.

Can be used in comparison to difficulty of another task that is seemingly impossible or highly undesirable.
I'd rather go do deep ocean, vast sea than go on another date with her.
by philz January 20, 2008

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