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This is not a defintion of Abercrombie & Fitch. This is a definition of people. I hate to be rude, but I truly pity those who have been writing these 5 paragraph A&F bashing sob stories that are truly pathetic. Again, I apologize. I would like you all to understand that there is absolutly no sense in trash talking a company you dipise. If Abercrombie & Fitch's style, marketing, crowds, and economical status really upset you as much as you claim, why must you waste your time comparing and reading the defintions that other haters post? I mean...what's the point? If you don't like it, there's a few things you could do. A) Not shop there. B) Ignore those who represent the brand. C) Not worry about it. Also, why must you cry over destroyed denim? It's fashionable, and some people are willing to pay the extra dollar to be in style with current fashions. From what i've read, these people must really not be your friends so why thrash on people you don't even know? Obviously very few of us are concered about you...so why must you be so concerned about A&F shoppers and adorers? It almost sounds to me as if you are jealous. We all have nicer clothes than you, are indulged into a nicer lifestyle than you, and enjoy shopping as a social and personal experience. As humans, we're all equal...unfortuantly some people really bite it in life, but you don't have to exclaim it and trash those who don't. I'm not saying A&F people are better than everyone else, I'm saying that we're comfortable with who we are enough to express it in a clothing brand that we all love; even if it costs us more than necessary money. If you don't, then don't. Stop wasting your time. Stop crying because mommy wouldn't buy you these nice clothes. Stop crying because you're not in shape enough to wear them. Stop crying because besides what all you say....you want to be like the popular kids. You want expensive clothes and nice music and a fat wallet...you wish you could have it all. Maybe it's time you realize something, sitting around complaining about a large, economically strong, high profitting company which sells fashionable, sexy clothes is really damn pathetic. Now, it's ironic that I'm here saying what I am because I'm posting onto this site, wasting my time, talking about A&F, but I saw this page and decided something needed to be said. I hate to be mean, I really really hate to be mean, but this is all the truth people. It's time to realize that. So please, there's no need to be jealous, there's no need to hate, just realize that if you truly, honestly, all in your heart hate the clothing and lifestyle brand Abercrombie & Fitch, it's time to just shut up and ignore it all. And maybe, have you even thought that maybe what you are doing is total pro-conformity? Is bashing A&F a popular thing to do? Are you buying into a trend? Maybe you are the real conformist. Think about it.
A&F Person: Why do you hate my favorite store?

Non-A&F Person: Because it's the cool thing to do.
by Phillip March 30, 2005

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Slang term for an late 19th century toilet fixture. During WWI soldiers oftern visited these toilets and called them crappers. The name originated from a popular seller of toilets. Thomas Crapper of England.
Thomas Crapper invented the modern toilet which is still in use today with few changes.

God damn i got to take a crap.
by Phillip July 27, 2005

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super duperrrrrrrrrr hot and very nice and talkative and if only she was a lesbian, then it'd be complete.
I wet my pants as Kasie Lynch walked past me; then I also crapped my pants.
by phillip January 10, 2005

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Greatest rapper ever
ni99as ask why i write so violent
my brain transformed in a dorm in rikers island
by Phillip December 01, 2003

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Abbreviation for Audrey.
Where's my Audge?
by Phillip February 06, 2004

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The excess air that is found in snack bags such as tortilla and potatoe chips; used to prevent crushing of the product.
The Doritoes company was grateful that its product was protected by the snackmosphere.
by Phillip February 06, 2004

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an italian restuarant or pizza place.
i'm hungry, lets go to the local wap shop and maybe get a pizza or calzone.
by Phillip May 30, 2005

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