3 definitions by periaqua

A journalist, who works in a newsroom, has a filthy vocabulary and uses his/her vocabulary in inappropriate locations as if they were in the newsroom.
John has a bad case of newsroom mouth. He was talking about gorilla masks, angry pirates, angry dragons, Tony Danzas, Sandy Koufaxs, Minnesota Windmills, glass-bottom boats and upper decking last night.
by periaqua December 22, 2009
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When a woman is hot for Wyoming standards, but in anywhere else in the United States she wouldn't be considered hot at all.
Guy from Wyoming: Oh man, Janaye is hot!
Guy from Florida: No, she's Wyoming hot. She has a snaggletooth and she isn't as hot as any of the sorority girls at the University of Florida.
by periaqua December 22, 2009
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When you've participated in too many Zoom meetings and it makes you tired.
Oh man, I've had so many Zoom meetings this week I'm feeling Zoom fatigue.
by periaqua May 15, 2020
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