A creative, talented, artist ultra who will always prevail.
Woman. Wow, that is an amazing stlye !
Woman B. Thanks, Its very Janaye of me.
Man. I concur, Its very modern yet fresh, I havent seen that scence I last looked through my portfolio.
by froglegz May 11, 2011
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Janaye, it's a girl's name, she's the sexiest human alive, gives amazing head, all about her books first, loves sex and she eats a lot. Real Bipolar, crazy at times. But she's worth it. Most Janayes are single , if she has a boyfriend he is amazingly blessed . This name is typically a black girl's name
Boy #1: Damn Janaye is fine. I Wouldn't mind having her .
Boy #2: Janaye is always in those books.
by Killinkhayy December 19, 2016
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Janaye is a person that has a very kind heart and a lovely smile. Janaye also has a fat ass that makes the boys stop and stare
Damn is that Janaye with the ghetto booty
by Candy red October 24, 2019
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Its a girl name, shes sexy,has a big booty,gives good head,good in the bed, mostly a black girls name and is very attractive she pulls lots of guys, and loves sex doggy style, and her boyfriend is very very very very very lucky to have her
Man1-Bro! Look at janaye's booty
Man2-ikr its so big and juicy who is dating her is lucky
by Jeeiiigggzzz November 26, 2013
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